About KP Drip

Welcome to KP Drip! I created this brand to accommodate all your fitness desires at an affordable cost without sacrificing quality. The clothing collections are inspired to motivate you in everything you do. Whether it be hitting your goals in the gym, exercising your yoga practice, going for a run, headed to the coffee shop, or working from home. These pieces are priceless for all occasions. They are constructed perfectly to fit you best in every way with breathable elastic that allows you to keep going. Feeling confident and comfortable everyday.

The purpose of KP Drip is I wanted individuals to feel empowered, confident and motivated while wearing an affordable fitness line. I strive not only as a brand to design the perfect collections but to also provide protein packed on the go snacks and wellness shots. It's a one stop shop for all your health and fitness needs. 

KP Drip appreciates all the support and love to making this journey possible. Without you, none of this could be possible. My hope is to make a positive impact on your fitness and health goals. Thank you for allowing KP Drip to be apart of that. Support your small businesses. Bonus, all packaging of products is eco-friendly and recyclable to keep the planet clean.

  • Women's Tops

  • Women's Bra

  • Women's Pants

  • Men's Top

  • Men's Shorts